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Street Art
in the spotlight

Passionate about art and convinced that it is an essential element in our lives and society, the owners wanted to give it a special place in the villa. 

As soon as you arrive, the tone is set and you will immediately be plunged into the world of street art thanks to the murals of the Reunionese artist Sept.

Self-taught, Sept first made a name for himself by creating a world of colourful, zany characters in the streets of his island home, from his wonderful imagination.

The remarkable progress of his work has led him to the realization of realistic frescoes turned towards nature and human beings, on increasingly large surfaces. This versatility in his creations allows him to interact as he likes with the immediate urban, natural and human environment where his works come to life. His work, which favours the aerosol technique, is impregnated with popular culture to create colourful and poetic walls. In search of creation and originality, Sept's work is now inspired by the "tag" or "Graffitag" technique.

The works of Seven that you will discover at Shanta Beach Villa are true poetic invitations to a unique emotional journey.

& art photography

The sculpture

Once you have passed through the gate, you will be able to admire the Raku ceramic masterpieces of two talented artists, Galdys Moreau and Régine Rivière.

Designed in their workshop in Le Tampon, these unique sculptures, conceived specifically for Shanta Beach Villa, pay a beautiful tribute to the biodiversity of the Indian Ocean but also, and in a more pictorial way, to the atmosphere that reigns on the property: calm, peace and serenity.

Art photography

You have to believe in your dreams and give yourself the means to achieve them", this is what Emilie Delarue, a young photographer with a passion for the world around her, whether it is land, sea or air, strongly believes in. It is in the intimacy of your rooms that these different unique, magical and sometimes almost mystical worlds immortalized by Emilie's lens will be revealed.

The garden

Just like Reunion Island, the garden of Shanta Beach Villa is a colourful mix of cultures. Like a real green setting in the heart of the savannah of the west of the island, the magnificent landscaped garden of the villa, dotted with aquatic plants, tropical plants and exotic flowers, offers you a real botanical escape with mixed scents to discover the essences of Reunion Island.

With its large avenue of vetiver, whose precious essential oil extracted from its roots is used by the greatest perfumers, its beds of citronella known for its medicinal virtues or its Ylang Ylang and its multicoloured frangipani trees with intoxicating flowers, this garden will not leave you indifferent.

Our language

In Reunion, the official language is French as it is spoken, written and taught in mainland France.

Did you know that?

Reunionese Creole, which obtained the status of regional language in 2014, coexists with the French language and although there is no question of denigrating one language in particular to the benefit of the other, it must be stressed that Creole historically holds an important place in Reunionese society.

Known as the language of maloya, it was born out of the need for communication between slaves of different origins and slaves with their masters.

This fusion of influences has given rise to a mixed language with French, Malagasy, African, Indian and Chinese roots, a real cultural melting pot. Creole can be found everywhere, in literature, in music, in our local media and even in the schools where it is taught. It was therefore obvious to highlight it in the villa.

During your stay, you will not miss the wooden signs hanging everywhere, on which you will find, written in Creole, expressions and proverbs, sometimes poetic, sometimes humorous. There is no doubt that this little linguistic tour, concocted just for you, will arouse your curiosity and desire to learn more about our rich and colourful Creole language.